Press Release: Bal Gill appointed as Sales and Business Development Manager for UK

Press Release: Bal Gill appointed as Sales and Business Development Manager for UK

We are happy to announce that Bal Gill has been appointed as DigiXcell’s sales and business development manager in London. Bal will be working closley with CEO, Dominic Godwin to develop the business across the United Kingdom. Bal has exceptional experience in developing businesses in the B2B sector and understands our ethos and customer-focused approach.

We are in the process of launching a new marketing and sales campaign which will excite the market and will resonate with business owners across the UK. We see great opportunity particularly in our Pictures division given the increasing demand for multimedia services we offer which include videography and animation as the need for posting high value and engaging video content has never been higher.

Bal’s has worked extensively in the UK marketplace in providing clients with high value products/services with a conscious thought for price and how best they can leverage the services. With DigiXcell, Bal will be focused on developing all of our services and growing sales in the UK market. We will report on our progress soon enough.


Welcome to DigiXcell ! — Understanding the Brand

Welcome to DigiXcell ! — Understanding the Brand

This is an introductory text about our company. Here you’ll learn about our story, mission, values and what we intend to become in the future.

Our Story:

The story of our company is rooted in our founder (Dominic)’s passion for creative arts and technology.

Growing up as kid in my pre-teens, i was the type of kid who was fond of sketching people and natural objects and creating things out of paper. That creative habit soon transitioned into exploring the digital arts when i got exposed to using PCs. I still have fond memories of using the Paint and Corel Draw Windows applications in the early 2000s.

Fast forward to 2016, i already have my Bachelor’s degree and set to pursue a double Master’s degree (all of which have more to do with Business and Economics than Creative Arts). Yet deep within me, the flare for creativity — as revealed in my imaginations and digital work for what designs of websites, apps and other digital experiences (music videos and films) could be — never ceased. Frankly, such knack for creativity wasn’t new (i still remember creating and drawing my own comic stories as an 11-year-old and also while in high school).

Making an impact on the world around my interests is key to all i decide to do. Upon close study of the way people live and do things in the 21st century (and in the prior century), in my sincere thinking, entrepreneurship remains the most compelling vehicle for impact. Becoming an entrepreneur through the creation of value-adding businesses has played a key role in important life decisions i have made. Not least of them is choosing to study management, economics and finance at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Although the areas of my entrepreneurial interest are varied, they remain largely technology-focused or enabled : digital arts/media and marketing, renewable/sustainable energy, consumer electronics, futuristic real estate development. Late 2016 i decided that starting a digital creative agency would be the most practical and readily accessible path to unleash my vision to the world.

Accordingly, the brand idea was born and steadily grew as i committed lots of time and resources to learning and preparing myself for this exciting venture — DigiXcell.

Our Brand Identity and Mission:

DigiXcell as a brand name was conceptualised as a creative portmanteau of two words “Digital” (Digi) and “Excellence” (Xcell). The words put together pretty much captures what our company was created for. We exist to be known for excellence in digital works ranging from design, multimedia, and digital marketing to any other fields (heavily digital in nature) we may venture into in the future.

In other words, our broad mission is to deliver digital excellence in all we do. Starting out as a digital creative and marketing agency means that by delivering just that, we can immensely contribute to the growth and success of our clients.

We want to be known for Digital Excellence. Period. Little wonder that the highlighted expression is exactly what forms our brand slogan.

Below are some visual components of our brand identity (logo and icon).

Main Brand Logo of DigiXcell


   Brand icon of DigiXcell

The use of sky blue colour is meant to project two of our values — reliability and integrity. The ‘X’ styling, which equally separates four letters ‘DIGI’ on its left side and ‘CELL’ on its right, reflects balance and fairness, and similarly —  strength and sophistication.

At the base of the logo, the use of bi-chromatic text block to fully express the brand name and company divisions (DESIGN, PICTURES, MARKETING) projects balance, strength and stability.

A strong interpretation of the logo styling is that regardless of the company division considered, they all share a common identity rooted in Digital Excellence.

Our Values:

It goes without saying that the way a person behaves is irrefutably underpinned by the values they have imbibed or consciously adopted. The same can be said of institutions and companies since they are essentially a coming together of people.

The conscious decision to adopt a set of values for DigiXcell is informed by the understanding that people are different with respect to their behaviour and expectations. Therefore, when people engage with our company or become a part of our team, we want them to see and embody the values that define us as a group of people working under one brand (DigiXcell).

We have 5 guiding values, namely:

  1. Excellence: This is our core value. For us, excellence means continuously improving to be and remain at the top of what we do.
  2. Integrity: Being honest and fair in how we operate and engage with people and institutions.
  3. Reliability: When we commit ourselves to doing something, we want you to be sure that we will deliver in the best way we can (excellently).
  4. Responsiveness: Staying in touch and communicating quickly with our people and clients. This promotes reliability and better understanding.
  5. Camaraderie: If excellent work is to be done as a team, it would require great people united around set goals. For us, camaraderie means showing genuine care and respect for one another, our work, and having a strong sense of oneness. Without good team dynamics, collective productivity suffers. As the popular saying goes, “team work makes the dream work”.

These values enable us grow and glow as a cohesive group.

In practice, we hope that after working with us for a reasonable time period, people will strongly associate those 5 qualities with our company. Therefore, we take our company values very seriously.

We’ll unrelentingly strive to create a work environment that will bring out the best in people both as professionals and individuals. Achieving this goal can be tricky and would require putting in place unconventional processes and ideas that in practice can help realise that internal goal. One key pillar of realising our various goals is continuous learning (from our actions, new developments and methods in our professional fields).

Looking Forward:

It is a strong vision that in 10 years (2029) and years beyond that, DigiXcell will become renowned for the things we do particularly in Design, Multimedia, and Marketing through our consistency in delivering excellent digital services and experiences for our clients and also independently as a company.

I am truly excited for what lies ahead in the coming years. It will take exceptional thinking and hard work to achieve our mission and bring our vision to fruition.

I am ready, we are ready, and we hope you are — so let’s get moving and make things happen!