Press Release: Bal Gill appointed as Sales and Business Development Manager for UK

We are happy to announce that Bal Gill has been appointed as DigiXcell’s sales and business development manager in London. Bal will be working closley with CEO, Dominic Godwin to develop the business across the United Kingdom. Bal has exceptional experience in developing businesses in the B2B sector and understands our ethos and customer-focused approach.

We are in the process of launching a new marketing and sales campaign which will excite the market and will resonate with business owners across the UK. We see great opportunity particularly in our Pictures division given the increasing demand for multimedia services we offer which include videography and animation as the need for posting high value and engaging video content has never been higher.

Bal’s has worked extensively in the UK marketplace in providing clients with high value products/services with a conscious thought for price and how best they can leverage the services. With DigiXcell, Bal will be focused on developing all of our services and growing sales in the UK market. We will report on our progress soon enough.