At DigiXcell Pictures, our multimedia production division, we have a clear mission to bring compelling stories and creative ideas to life through visual media. Below are the specific areas of multimedia design and production where our expertise lie.

Video Production

We plan and shoot professional videos across the globe. Whether you want world-class commercials, music videos, corporate promo videos, short films, you name it — we have you well covered. Envision it, and we’ll bring it to life in motion pictures.

Video Editing

We do professional-grade video editing or post-production. Whether you’re looking to color correct an existing footage, or want to upgrade the editing style to top-notch level, we’ve got what it takes to do diverse and complex editing tasks.

Visual Effects (VFX)

 Adding computer-generated images and visual effects that can’t be done ordinarily while shooting films is a complex task we have deep expertise in. Our VFX specialists can advise and help you produce natural-looking effects.

Motion Graphics Design

Animate text and backgrounds, complex compositions using various objects and sound effects can easily put a professional look on your multimedia project. We have many years of experience creating stunning motion graphics that make a splash.

Film Animation

We design and create captivating 2D and 3D film animations that enrich the screens of your audience. From storyboarding, character and scene designs, we make complex animation work look easy. That’s because we have experienced professionals.

Top-quality Photography

Using professional grade cameras and lighting equipment, we plan and capture stunning photos that will preserve memories through time. Whether indoor or outdoor, for corporate or marketing use, our talented photographers will deliver.

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